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About Us

Being an active racer for the last 10+ years and having the misfortune to have been caught without parts at meetings in the past, I decided that I should stop moaning about the lack of any trackside support at home and get off my proverbial and do it myself, this has taken me on a journey the last 12 months or so into the whole business of RC Racing and where I felt I needed to concentrate my efforts, the obvious avenue to get the shop name out and about was to create a webstore to go alongside the already in existence trackside support I had already created, as a new supplier I felt it very important to maintain support for all those fellow racers who had supported me by buying kits from me in the first place, I decided early on that the order Monday after breaking Sunday philosophy was not really for me and was not the correct approach to take I felt it was important for the racers to have what they needed at the track and more importantly when it was needed, this has created some headaches the amount of stock to hold, what items to hold and the whole ordeal of getting all these products to the track every time we raced, all of these points I’m still working through even now I have to order new parts I have yet to hold in stock because someone has found a way to break said item, in an ideal world I would like to be in the position to have every part conceivable available but in reality this is unachievable for a fledgeling business like mine, in the interim all I can do is offer as much as I can hopefully at the best price I can to all my fellow racers.

With some luck I hope to be able to grow JRRacing into a successful business that will be able to provide everything you need on a daily basis, this may take time but with support from the racing community we will be here for the duration.